Wearable Applications

The market of wearable devices is a real playing field. Wearable apps have access to the device's hardware like sensors, receivers etc. These applications basically collected data from the hardware devices with the help of network they are connected to, utilize them further to provide the desired output. Usually, the output is provided or displayed through the device itself. Wearable apps have a new face with the Apple watch, Google Glass, Android wear and the much discussed.

The platform that these wearable apps either run on or are made compatible with how the input is taken and the result is going to be displayed. If the device itself accepts and it displayed the results any platform can be chosen for i.e., either IOS, Android Windows and so on. It is also same as regular mobile applications that are used in smart phone, tablets and watches.

However, these applications are different from others mobile applications. This includes functionality, user interaction, Device Specificity. Mostly these types of applications are used in watches and sensors devices which are being connected to the mobile devices.

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