CRM and ERP Software For Real Estate Company

Real estate management system is an online real estate software application that manages all the operational activities as well as the Process. This will help to manage all your business process to ensure efficiencies. Nanoarch software solutions is a well known Real Estate Software Solutions provider in India which design software that will provide the desired result to the customers as well as the owner of the company. We used the latest technologies and feature My sql, PHP, SQL Server, Java, Oracle and much more to fulfil the needs and requirements of the clients and the property dealer. The software will assist you to manage several different phases. Nanoarch Software has 5+ years of expertise and of the leading real estate CRM software solution in all over the world. We are providing solutions for real estate management software, property management software, property maintenance, property investment, foreclosure management, rent management applications. The software will manage complete real estate business data on a unified platform. It is a one-stop solution for managing projects, payments, monitoring activities at a different level. Real Estate CRM software will bring all several tasks at a single platform. To provide a software solution for all real estate issues, Nanoarch Software design and develop user-friendly Commercial Real estate software and mobile application that can be easily customized according to the needs and requirements of the clients. We also work on the ways to promote your properties to potential customers. You will get incredible features in the software. Some of the features are mentioned below.

  • Profile Management
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Lead Generation System
  • Banner/Ad Management
  • Shopping cart Integration
  • Powerful contact management
  • Compatible with popular platform
  • Powerful email platform
  • Dashboard and MIS Reports

Advantages of Real Estate Software Development

  • Manages leads from referral and listing
  • Compatible with any type of platform
  • Capture detailed property information
  • SMS Notification
  • Get a complete report of overall rent dues and rent received
  • Reduce Administrative work
  • Improve communication
  • Easy Finance Tracking
  • Convenient and Secure Data Management

Why CRM Software for Real Estate Industries?

For any business organization, it is very necessary to keep clients satisfied making long term relationship with them. In starting it is easier to maintain 2-3 clients, but when a business goes wider adding more clients’ becomes a hectic and tedious task. This is quite necessary for an organization to understand client’s needs and demand, regular follow up, build a strong relationship, selling products and much more. As we all know that selling products or services is not easy and you need to be on the top for making your business wider among a large number of audiences.

A real estate developer usually maintains the client’s data and their records on a spreadsheet or a paper to send company brouchers, property flyers, email campaign etc. But with huge growth in technology, a real estate developer or agents can easily maintain their entire hectic task through a business tool known as the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software. The software helps to collect lead Information that will allow you to manage property dealing.

Real Estate CRM

Real estate CRM software will store all records and information of clients into a centralized database. The software will make the entire business task easier like real estate marketing and sales process which will strong customers relation. This will also help to close the leads and allow you to manage properly in property dealing. The platform of real estate CRM will ensure you to get connect with your potential customers. This will allow you to manage regular follow- ups, website visits, projects plans, the marketing campaign for CRM for Realtors. This is one of the best platforms for real estate agents or brokers which is designed and developed to manage your real estate business on a single platform, where all data and information stored on a database.

Key Features of Real Estate CRM

There are several different key features of having a robust and secure Real Estate CRM Software. These are mentioned below.

Lead Management System:

The main task of a Real Estate CRM Software is Lead Management. Proper management of leads will make a strong relationship with your clients. The software will categorize according to referring agents, partners, competitors, Leads and Clients. After then lead management system will clients status with their latest update of work. It manages to group of data to manage sales and marketing process better.

Contact Management:

This is also an incredible feature of Customers Relationship Management Software. Contact Management system of CRM Software is responsible for keeping records of client conversation with sales executive as well as storing the customer data.

Proper Email Management:

Email is one of the most professional techniques to reach potential clients. Through the help of email marketing you can easily send the latest news, recent updates, real estate news, show them newly listed properties and many more. This will allow you to get connect easily with customers and boost up the sales and services of real estate industries.

Sales Automation:

This feature in the software will include a proper sales report. This automation tool will properly categorize the leads with their Zip Code, State City, Needs of Products and Services. This will makes your task easier to convert the leads into loyal customers. The sales executive able to give properly report to their admin in charge.

Mobile Compatibility:

This is one of the best features in a Real estate CRM software enables sales, marketing and customer services and team to access information while sitting home from anywhere. These features will be easily compatible with desktop, mobile, tablets and Smartphone.

Real Estate CRM Software

Why We Need Real Estate CRM Software?

Relationship plays an important role in the real estate industry. After building a relationship with the clients you have to check in frequently, catch up regularly; provide regular updates to the clients. Hence to keep track of all records CRM software is necessary. There are some crucial points below which describe why we need a CRM Software for real estate Industries.

Increase Revenue:

CRM software helps to boost sales and services of your real estate industries. The software will proper keep records of client’s data and information as well as a time table for a meeting with them. Through the help of CRM software, a sales executive will properly represent the sales information to the management. Finally, it manages all the important task of your business which will boost up your business sales and services.

Manage your leads at one place:

While using CRM you can easily manage leads at one place. The software will proper take records of every email ID as well as phone numbers. The software will take your business above by making all the leads conversion into loyal customers.

Improve Business Process:

CRM software improves the real estate business process as well as cross-sell opportunities. The entire hectic and tedious task becomes easier through the help of Customers relationship management software which might improve your business process.

Better Sales Closing Management:

Using of CRM software for real estate industries will be beneficial for better sales. This will ease works and allow us to close leads and convert them into a loyal customer. The software sets an appointment for all important clients meeting date, time which is an important part of transactions.

Streamline the payment process:

The software will make all the payment process easier which will saves your crucial time. The CRM software manages the payment process by providing right and accurate information to the real estate developers.

Why ERP Software Solution for Real Estate Business?

ERP Software is also essential for your Real Estate Business which manages all the business modules like HR, Sales, Procurement, and Inventory etc. This could be possible with the help of the latest technologies to provide insightful and meaningful data and information to boost sales and revenue. This means through the help of technologies the digital transformation of a real estate business is possible.

If you go for the right ERP software, it must be beneficial for your real estate industries.
  • 360 Degree Overview of your business
  • Placed all data in a centralized location
  • Proper Records of Data and Information
  • Real-time Information for your business
  • Web-Based Solution
  • Smart Handling of Property Sales
  • Prominent cash flow improvements
Inventory Management System:

We at Nanoarch design and develop best Real Estate ERP Software for tracking and controlling of a system. It comes with a specific module for users including warehouses, regulating and monitoring stock movements, keeping track of inventory.

Customers Portal:

This is one of the best features of Real Estate ERP Software that stores data about customers, their purchase, transactions, payment records, credit history etc.

Presales and marketing management system:

These features will control and manage marketing campaign and follow-ups. The same program can also handle SMS and Email marketing campaign.

Finance Tracking System:

Finance tracking system is one of the best features of Real Estate ERP Software that generate valuable financial reports of all departments.

Booking Management System:

With this features booking management system you can easily track all the booking such as villas, commercial plots, residential properties etc.

At Nanoarch Software, we develop and customize an ERP system with the following features.

What Makes Us Top Real Estate Software Development Company?

Nanoarch Software probably offers the best CRM for real estate as having a skilled and expert developer. They develop robust and scalable software for property owners and managers, home buyers and tenants.

Agile development: Nanoarch Software has proven track records in software development to reduce risk and deliver a robust application for our clients.

Cross-Functional Teams: We have skilled and versatile cross-functional teams which follow the complete steps of the software development life cycle. This team include business analysts, UI/UX designers, database engineers, Software tester etc.

Maintenance and Support: We provide 24*7 Support to help our customers organise, scale & and get completely succeed in their business.

Property Management CRM Software

Nanoarch Software is one of the trusted Real Estate Software Development Company develops property management CRM software solutions, including multi-property management interfaces, cloud-based architectures, task automation tools. Our experts at Nanoarch offer custom, cloud-based property management system services. These services ensure property management and manage all activities related to the same. Commercial Property management software enables its users to automate multiple business operations at a single platform. You can easily work from anywhere at any time.

Get Advantages
  • Access property data anytime, anywhere with web-based property management software.
  • Manage your residential as well as commercial properties under one comprehensive and flexible system.
  • Increase engagement and empower communication with online portals.
  • Real-time access to information
  • Improved communication
  • Quick property inspections
  • Reduced Administration work
  • Online payments
  • Protect your sensitive data

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