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CRM stands for Customers Relationship Management. This is the process which shows the relations between Customers and the Business Service Provider. They have to solve online queries of customers and used to provide better services to the customers.

Business service providers have to understand the needs and requirements of the customers, and strictly provide the services according to them.

Nanoarch Software Solutions is one of the best CRM company in Delhi/NCR which provide the best software for the benefits of customers and business service provider. The main concept of CRM is that it keeps records of interactions, sell, the behavior of customers.

We can easily measure the growth and performance of the business by the help of CRM software. This facilitates the best services to the customers and also help to increase the gross sales of the company.

Process of CRM Customisation

Collecting and Storing Data: This is one of the first steps of the CRM software, that it collects the data for the needs and requirements of the customers.

Best Communications between customers: In this steps, We start the process by sending a welcome message to the customers. This makes strong relations between the business service provider and customers.

Talking to the customers Individually: Online queries of the customers, are solved by our experts. We always try to solve all the difficulties of the customers which they are facing in the use of the products.

Types of CRM

Operational CRM: This Customers relationship management is based on customer centric business process such as Marketing, Services, Selling etc. There are two types of operational CRM, Sales Force, and Zoho. We develop both CRM software in a proficient way. SalesForce CRM is used for the big business purpose as well as Zoho CRM is Used for the small business purpose.

Analytical CRM: This Customer Relationship Management is based on Collecting, separating, explaining, Storing data related to the customer's needs and requirements. In this CRM, The data of the customers are being analyzed to make the service better and useful.

Collaborative CRM: In this types of CRM, there are direct communications between customers and Business service provider. The main concept of this Customers Relationship management is we focused on the objective and feedback of the customers to make the business service more reliable and trustworthy.

Advantages of Customers Relationship Management

  • This makes the better relation between Customers and Business Service Provider.
  • It helps to generate better revenue.
  • This increase the Gross sale of the business service Provider.
  • It saves the cost and money.

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